Safe Pregnancy Exercise Tips you simply must know to keep you and your growing baby safe

Adjusting exercises as your pregnancy progresses: If you’re using light weights or body weight exercises you may find it more comfortable to sit down to support your lower back rather than stand. Slow your pace right down and focus on form over … Continue reading

Fertility frustration

I usually blog about exercise and nutrition and how this can help or hinder fertility/pre pregnancy but Nikki the Midwife/Nurse overpowered Nikki the Personal Trainer and I felt an overwhelming urge to provide some education around the issue of infertility … Continue reading

How much weight gain is healthy for your pregnancy

How much weight gain is right for you? During your first trimester of pregnancy your baby will only weigh approximately 5g. The weight you gain in the first half of pregnancy is mostly maternal weight (blood, fat, fluid), as your body … Continue reading

Recognising Emotional Eating

Your body needs food for fuel, however, you only require a certain number of calories each day. Yet when you are bored or emotional you’re more likely to turn to food for comfort AND probably reach for quick fix comfort foods. Emotional Eating We are … Continue reading

Answers to your most frequently asked exercise and nutritional breastfeeding questions

Adjusting your daily calorie intake to your breastfeeds A general rule of thumb for recommended daily calorie intake for non-pregnant and non -breastfeeding mothers to promote weight loss is 1200 calories a day. If you are breastfeeding you will require extra … Continue reading

Caesarean section and your abdominals

Common concerns after caesarean sections (C/S) Abdominal weakness You’re probably shocked at how much strength you have lost in your abs! Women who had a decent amount of abdominal strength and tone before pregnancy are often surprised and frustrated at … Continue reading

Setting your goals

Goals Write down your fitness goals. Without knowing what your goals are, it’s hard to stay focused and motivated. Setting goals will help you keep track of  your success. Your goals need to be very specific and more importantly, REALISTIC. Goals … Continue reading

Eat smart to help avoid Common Pregnancy Discomforts

Foods which are consumed in pregnancy should be rich in nutrients that help to ease and prevent common pregnancy discomforts. Vitamin A, C and E, zinc and essential fats are especially helpful in keeping you comfortable as your pregnancy progresses and should be consumed … Continue reading