group shotWe specialise in customising exercise programs and nutritional guides for women before, during and after pregnancy. Our Clinical Midwife, Clinical Nurse and Personal Trainers will personally design you, your very own 12 week customised exercise program and personal nutritional guide for before, during or after pregnancy!  If you are planning a pregnancy, having difficulty falling pregnant, pregnant or a new mother we have a program for you!

Your body is unique to you so before we get started designing your customised program we ask you to complete a questionnaire that provides us with all the information we need to get to know you, your body and your short and long term goals. Once we have this information we knuckle down to create your customised 12 week program whether that be for pre or post pregnancy weight loss of safe pregnancy exercises. Your exercise program is broken down into 3 x 4 week plans where you receive unlimited personal support and coaching from our experienced team of professionals. Feel rest assured that you are performing all your exercises correctly with your personally tailored exercise video demonstration library that we conveniently create just for you. You can watch and re-watch demonstrations of all the exercises included within your workouts. You also receive a 12 week personalised nutritional guide that includes an extensive range of delicious, healthy recipes and meal ideas. You also receive a maintenance guide that will provide you with advice on what to do after your program has ended.  You also receive access to Peak Pregnancy Members Only Section for the duration of your program. For more information about what's included with your customised program click here

We have weeded out the myths, misinformation and outdated information (a surprising amount!) that surround the issue of fertility fitness/pregnancy exercises/post pregnancy exercises and nutrition. Peak pregnancy is a combined midwifery and fitness based company which means you can take a big breath and feel reassured that the content you read and the advice you receive is safe, reliable and based on quality research findings.  We take pride in our high standard of care that focuses on the safety of you, and/or your baby and your pregnancy.

How we can help you

Girl 2 - 250 x 250 cut outsFertility Friendly Body Prep Program

We design you a customised program to improve PCOS, regulate your reproductive cycle and improve general fertility concerns. Your body is unique to you, which means we design you an exercise program and nutritional guide just for you and your body's needs. If you are having difficulty conceiving, have PCOS or want to lose weight and become fit and healthy before pregnancy this 12 week body and lifestyle overhaul is for you!

All Belly Pregnancy Program 

We create a customised program to suit your individual pregnancy needs. We adapt and modify your program to the ever-changing requirements of your developing pregnancy keeping you and your baby safe, strong and healthy throughout all stages of your pregnancy.

Post Pregnancy Body Revamp 

We create a customised program that targets fast and effective weight loss to shed those pregnancy kilos. We tailor your program safely around your labour and birth experience including your babies mode of delivery (caesarean section or spontaneous delivery), whether or not you are breastfeeding, postnatal needs and more. So if you are ready to kick start your pregnancy weight loss this 12 week body and lifestyle transformation is for you.

Lose Weight Feel Great

Peak Pregnancy also designs customised programs for women who do not require specialised midwifery care, but wish to lose weight and improve their general health and well-being.  You ask and we can provide!

About Nikki

NikkiNikki Ranshaw is the founder of Peak Pregnancy and specialises in working with women to stay active and healthy throughout their pregnancy journey.  Nikki is an experienced Personal Trainer with over 11 years experience working within the fitness industry specialising in women's health and fitness. Nikki has been a Registered Midwife for over 8 years and a Clinical Nurse for over 10 years and has over 4 years experience specialising in Fertility and Reproductive Medicine. Nikki has spent over 9 years working at King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) which is Western Australia’s high risk specialist maternity hospital and has practiced in nearly every area of midwifery, from Labour and Birth Suite, Adult Special Care Unit (equivalent to an ICU but in an obstetric hospital), Obstetric Wards, Antenatal Clinics, Adolescent Clinic, Home Visiting Midwife, Parent Education, Breastfeeding Clinic and over 4 years experience within KEMH Fertility Clinic assisting women who are having difficulty becoming pregnant to conceive. Nikki has also worked in many other areas of Nursing including Neonatal Nursery, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Diabetes and more.

Nikki's many years of experience working in multiple areas of midwifery and nursing combined with her Personal Training qualifications has provided her with advanced skills to work with women on a personal level to provide safe and suitable exercise and nutritional advice, support and coaching. Nikki's mission is to help women safely accelerate weight loss in the pre pregnancy and post pregnancy period and help women to continue an active healthy pregnancy and manage healthy pregnancy weight gain.

The reasons behind starting Peak Pregnancy DSC_7932 copy

Where do I start!!!...  My experience working within Fertility Clinics has highlighted the need for women with fertility concerns, in particular PCOS, who are seeking information on natural ways to improve their fertility in conjunction to seeking medical treatment. The power of exercise and healthy eating on fertility and PCOS is unbelievable! but the message I'm hearing from my clients are that they are unsure of what exercise and what foods will best benefit their condition.

Over the years I have had many women voice to me their enthusiasm to continue exercising during pregnancy, as well as wanting to re introduce exercise after their pregnancy but are unsure what exercise is safe or suitable for them. The same uncertainty surrounds nutrition, many women are unsure what foods they should be eating and how much they should be eating. The common words I hear from women are, "I just don't trust personal trainers or fitness instructors who don't have adequate knowledge to safely work with pregnant women as well as women who have recently given birth" The majority of individuals employed within the fitness industry are unsure of what exercise is safe and appropriate for women before, during or after pregnancy. After extensive market research talking with pregnant women and new mothers it became apparent that there was a niche that was not being filled. Women are after someone who they can trust to provide them with safe and suitable exercise and nutritional information during this sensitive period.

Unfortunately, I have witnessed horrific injuries and shocking outcomes as a consequence of women receiving misinformation and advice from personal trainers or others in the fitness industry that just don’t have adequate knowledge of how to safely modify programs for caesarean or natural deliveries, breastfeeding, weakened abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, the ever changing demands of pregnancy, and how exercise and nutrition can help regulate the female reproductive cycle in those who are having difficulty conceiving.

For the reasons mentioned above I finally decided to take the plunge and combine my passion of midwifery, nursing, fitness and nutrition and create a team to work personally with women through their pregnancy journey.  I decided to run the programs online and provide women unlimited online support, coaching and advice. Why online? because this means women have the flexibility to exercise anytime, anywhere, we fit into their lifestyle! Women don't have to have a gym member or fork out money for personal training sessions. Best of all our online system teaches a sustainable, maintainable lifestyle change which women can continue living for the rest of their lives.

So, let me introduce to you Peak Pregnancy, a business built on passion, love, sweat and tears. Our team is dedicated to providing a safe and reliable personal training service, coaching, support and advice to women just like you. Whether you have a general enquiry or to find out more about how we can assist in your particular situation we would love to hear from you! Fill out our contact form or email us at support@peak-pregnancy.com