All Belly Pregnancy Exercise Program

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Are you unsure what exercises are safe and suitable for your pregnancy?


Are you wanting to maintain a fit and active lifestyle throughout your pregnancy but need reassurance that the information and advice you receive is safe and pregnancy friendly?


Are you wanting to take control of your healthy pregnancy weight gain and avoid gaining excessive weight?


Are you unsure how much food you should be eating or what foods you should or should not be eating?


Choose your payment structure:

Pay monthly - $162 AUD for 4 months

One time payment - $577 AUD



  • Unlimited online coaching, support and advice from our highly qualified and experienced team consisting of Registered Midwife, Clinical Nurse and Certified Personal Trainer
  • 12 week customised exercise program and nutritional guide
  • 3 x 4 week exercise programs
  • Your choice of where you want to train: At the gym, at home or the outdoors
  • Unlimited midwifery advice and information to answer any sensitive pregnancy queries
  • Maintenance guide for when you have finished your program
  • Information guide for what foods to eat in labour and birth suite during delivery (suitable for natural births)
  • Strength, cardio, flexibility, toning and pregnancy friendly core workouts
  • 16 weeks access to Peak Pregnancy's members only section
  • Customised personal video exercise demonstrations available 24/7
  • Over 200 deliciously healthy recipes and meal ideas
  • Help others whilst you help yourself: We donate a portion of our profits to ongoing research into premature labour and premature deliveries

More Information on this Program

If you answered yes to any of the questions above and are seeking safe and reliable pregnancy exercise program to help you stay fit and active during your pregnancy then this is the pregnancy exercise program for you!  Feel rest assured that your custom designed exercise training program and nutritional guide is personally designed by our experienced team consisting of Registered Midwife, Clinical Nurse and Personal Trainer to keep you and your baby safe while you stay active throughout the ever changing requirements of your developing pregnancy!

Your body is unique to you! To help us understand and focus on your specific pregnancy exercise program needs we ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire to gather information on your obstetric/personal/medical history, your gestation, level of fitness, any pregnancy complications or discomforts you may be experiencing and more. We use this information to design your personalised exercise training program that is specifically focused on helping you to control your weight gain, and maintain a strong and active pregnancy to help you reach your personal goals as part of the pregnancy exercise program. Your 12 week pregnancy exercise program is based around quality of exercise not quantity of exercise and includes strength, cardio, toning, core and flexibility training. As your pregnancy develops and grows and possible unexpected pregnancy events or discomforts pop up we safely tweak and modify your program accordingly.  You receive direct unlimited personal support by us, we are by your side every step of the way. Feel rest assured that you are performing all your exercises correctly with your personally tailored exercise video demonstration library that we conveniently create just for you. You can watch and re-watch demonstrations of all the exercises included within your workouts.

You also receive a personalised nutritional guide that is designed by us to work concurrently with your pregnancy exercise program to further benefit both you and your growing baby. Your calorie and nutritional requirements are determined by the information you include in your questionnaire. Simplicity is the key to our Peak Pregnancy recipes and meal ideas, which are quick and simple to create.

You also receive 16 weeks access to our members only section which is jam-packed full of nutritious, balanced recipes and meal ideas. We have personally tried and tested all of the dishes and to make things easier for you, we have portion controlled every meal serving. This is achieved by calculating how many calories, grams of protein, carbohydrates and fat are in each meal. We have included these figures under each recipe so you can easily monitor your calorie and nutritional intake and pick and choose your favourite meals. We don’t believe in telling you what to eat simply because everyone's food preferences are different. You choose your favourite meals and cook your favourite recipes that you can find in our Peak Pregnancy kitchen within the members' section. You do not have to follow the nutritional guide but we will design one for you anyway incase you would like to refer to it from time to time. When you cook and prepare your own meals, we have created a list of recommended healthy and nutritious food choices to help you stay on track. We live in a supersized economy so we take you back to basics and teach you portion control and healthy serving sizes, which are healthy lifestyle choices that you can take away with you and incorporate after pregnancy and into the rest of your life.

We recommend you begin this pregnancy exercise program after 12 weeks into your pregnancy. The reason for this is because you can usually continue your normal exercise routine up until this point in time. After your first trimester you will need to start altering exercises as your pregnancy progresses to keep you and your baby safe.