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Nat's Peak Pregnancy Success Story

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nat voakes 4nat voakes with india2nat voakes with indiaBeing a fit, active and healthy person I was determined to continue my healthy lifestyle throughout my pregnancy. I completed a lot of Internet searches about running when pregnant and there was an overwhelming number of results and women’s blogs advising me it was ok to run because they had done so.

However, I was still concerned about the lack of knowledge and expertise behind the advice. I had so many questions that I wanted to ask about which exercises I could safely do and which I should avoid. I was a member at my local gym and I had a personal training session with the aim of getting a ‘pregnant friendly’ programme but I left feeling rather unsatisfied; he didn’t know me and I wasn’t convinced he had much experience on safe exercise through pregnancy either.

I realised that what I was really looking for was someone who was medically trained but also someone that “got” fitness.  I wanted someone who really understood how important it was for me to continue to be active and healthy.

Nikki was one of my main support persons throughout my pregnancy and I really trusted and respected her advice.  I often found I had left my prenatal check ups without asking that one question I was dying to ask but didn’t get the courage to.  Yet throughout my pregnancy I felt comfortable to ask Nikki every question imaginable from exercise, to dietary advice, aches and pains to bowel movements and the answers were clear, informative and more importantly reassuring.  Since having my baby I continued to seek Nikki’s advice on how to get back into shape and how to safely do this.

I really think that everyone should have a support person who has the experience of being a midwife, but is also informed about personal training plans throughout your pregnancy. You can be reassured you are receiving sound and up to date advice and have the knowledge and understanding to help you maintain your healthy pregnancy fitness goals.


Kristiana's Killing It!

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Nikki at Peak Pregnancy was fantastic every step of the way through my program! My program was well planned, achievable and tailored to my individual needs. The nutritional guide and exercise demonstration library helped me ensure I was getting the most out of my workouts and guaranteed I was supporting myself with my correct nutritional needs. Nikki was always on hand for guidance and to answer any questions I may have. I felt well supported and motivated throughout my personalised 12 week program and have had amazing results. Nikki has kick started me in the right direction to becoming fit and healthy! Peak Pregnancy has been a lifesaver!


Brigette's Battle

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Lets start by saying I’m not pregnant or a new mum or planning a pregnancy! I asked Nikki if she could design me a program to lose weight, tone up and to strengthen the muscles involved my recurring left and right wrist repetitive strain injury (RSI), which meant that I was very limited to what upper body exercises I could do without causing pain. Nikki did just that and what I was impressed about was as my trapezius muscles strengthen and my RSI began improving and I could hold more weight without pain Nikki modified my exercise program accordingly. I met up with Nikki at the start of the program over coffee to discuss the start up questionnaire and we remained in communication throughout the program. I sent her an email every week and Nikki replies kept me focused and motivated on my goals. I loved the online set up because this meant I didn’t have to have a gym membership or pay the price of one to one personal training sessions. I weighed it up and for about the price of 3-4 PT sessions I received 12 weeks worth of  Personal Trainer support and a program designed just for me as well as a diet guide and heaps of yummy recipes. This was a no brainer for me, definitely got my moneys worth.  Even though it is online don’t think you can get away with slacking off, the couple of weeks I was late/forgot to send in my weekly email Nikki was sending me reminder emails and personal messages eager for an weekly weigh in update, lets just say she’s keeps you on the straight and narrow! Good Luck xx

Erin's Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Journey

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After having my third baby I was feeling tired, unmotivated and unhappy with my body. After contacting peak pregnancy I decided to give the 12 week program a shot and the results have been amazing! Before starting this program my idea of exercise was searching for the remote. I also have quite bad knee problems so have always felt that I couldn't exercise because of them. The program with peak pregnancy was tailored to me personally, taking into account what equipment I had available, my knee problems and the fact that I was breast feeding. The exercise program was, surprisingly, completely achievable. I actually enjoyed doing the workouts, which is something I never thought I'd say! The recipes on the website were easy to follow and yummy, also easily adapted to feed the whole family meaning we were all eating healthier. As an unexpected benefit I also felt so much more energised, so I was suddenly finding it easier to be organised, keep on top of my house and play with my kids! The email support was also great motivation, especially on those bad days with not much sleep behind me. I have now lost 11kgs and I'm so happy to be rid of my maternity jeans!! Thank you so much peak pregnancy!


Dr Panos Maouris: A big supporter of Peak Pregnancy!







Great work Nikki, keep it up. I do recommend my patients to you and I think they get terrific value. Dr. Panos Maouris, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Deeeelicious Dee

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