Who is this program for?

Caesarean Section (C/S) deliveries

Depending on how recently you have delivered baby by C/S  your scar may looked healed on the outside but you may still be healing on the inside. We design a program specifically for you to promote fast and effective weight loss as well as promote proper healing and restrengthening of your core muscles!


The bonus of our midwifery lead program is that we design your program to focus on fast effective weight loss while tending to your lactation requirements. Your program is designed to adapt and change as your calorie requirements and nutritional change with increasing or decreasing the number of daily breast feeds.  You can feel rest assured that your program is tailored especially for you so will support your lactation.

Forceps/vacuum deliveries

Instrumental vaginal deliveries can weaken your pelvic floor and can lead to future incontinence and gynecological problems later on in life. Your program focuses on strengthening and restoring your pelvic floor muscles to help prevent any future problems.

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

Your pre pregnancy program is focused on restoring your fertility and balancing your reproductive hormones to normalise your reproductive cycle and help you to conceive. We have designed your exercise program and nutritional guide to target fast effective weight loss as well as to restore and improve your fertility.

Are you having problems becoming pregnant?

I have over 4 years experience working with a highly recognised fertility clinic within Western Australia. Your program is specifically designed to promote fast effective weight loss and also to help restore and improve your fertility to help you fall pregnant. We assess the reason behind why you might be finding it hard to conceive and design your program just for you. There are some unknown reasons behind fertility and not all fertility problems can be overcome by weight loss and a change in diet, but for many women who are overweight, weight loss as little as 5 percent can help improve fertility and help with natural conception.

Pregnancy back pain

Back pain and backache during pregnancy is a common discomfort with a lot of women. We design your exercise program to focus on strengthening you core and other associated muscles to help support your back and ease your back pain.

Separated abdominals

During the end of your pregnancy or during labour you may have experienced separation of the left and right side of your abdominal muscles leaving you with a gap down the midline of your belly. We closely assess the extent of this gap and design you a restrengthening and healing abdominal workout to bring this gap back together again to flatten out your abdominals to prevent your abdominal muscles healing with a post pregnancy bulge. This is an extremely important step in ensuring you do not do any damage to your stomach muscle or cause abnormal healing that may lead to further abdominal trauma!

Prenatal weight loss

Your program is designed to accelerate pre pregnancy weight loss to prime your body for a healthy problem free pregnancy to give your baby the best start to life. Your program also focuses on regulating your reproductive hormones for and easier natural conception. Losing weight before pregnancy improves the overall health and wellbeing of you, your baby and your pregnancy, the benefits of weight loss for overweight women are endless!

Pregnancy discomforts

Common discomforts in pregnancy can pop up at any time. The list of these uncomfortable symptoms are endless..... morning sickness, swelling, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, aches and pains, heartburn, constipation, lack of sleep, fatigue......  You get the picture! We design your pregnancy program to promote a healthy comfortable pregnancy by helping to prevent and relieve these discomforts. You tell us what discomforts you're experiencing and we design your program to help ease these symptoms and make your pregnancy more comfortable and enjoyable.

Spontaneous deliveries

We design your program around your delivery. You tell us how many weeks ago you delivered baby and details of your delivery such as any tears, cuts, complications, and we customise a program to target fast effective pregnancy weight loss for a new, improved fitter and healthier version of yourself!.

Gestational Diabetes

I have 7 years experience working with pregnant mothers like yourself with gestational diabetes. We safely design your exercise program and nutritional guide just for you. We assess whether your gestational diabetes is diet controlled, requires oral medication or requires insulin therapy and then use this information to design your program.

Medical conditions

We assess your past or current medical history and use this information to design a program safe and suitable just for you. Please be aware that we cannot cater for ALL medical conditions. If your medical condition is out of our scope of competence then we will inform you of our decision and provide you will a full refund.

Past or current injuries

We assess your past or current injuries and use this information to design your program accordingly to restrengthen these weaknesses or to avoid the area altogether.

Pregnancy complications

Pregnancy complications can appear at any time. The bonus of our midwifery led programs is that we personalise your program to suit your pregnancy needs to whatever stage of pregnancy you are at. Your program is very flexible which means we simply adapt and change your exercise program and nutritional guide if or when unexpected changes occur in your pregnancy. I have 7 years experience working within one of the worlds highest risk maternity hospitals, Western Australias' highest risk maternity hospital so I am very experienced working with a variety of pregnancy complications. You can usually continue to exercise or simply adapt exercise to suit most pregnancy complications, but some complications need you to stop physical activity all together. We assess your pregnancy on a personal level and design your program just for you, but if it is not safe for you to exercise through your pregnancy or if your complication is to high risk for us too manage then we will inform you accordingly and refund you the full amount.

Past pregnancy complications

We assess any previous pregnancies for possible potential risk factors that could affect what type of exercise is right for your current pregnancy. We use this information to design you a safe and suitable exercise program for this pregnancy. There are a few previous pregnancy complications such as premature labour that could indicate that exercise is unsafe for your current pregnancy or may indicate that you can continue to exercise through this pregnancy but exercise may need to be adapted to keep your current pregnancy safe.

Stiches/tears/cuts/episiotomies(cuts down below)

Stiches/tears/cuts and episiotomies can weaken your pelvic floor and can lead to future incontinence and gynecological problems later on in life. We design your program to target fast effective weight loss but at the same time focus on restrengthening and restoring your pelvic floor muscles.

Pregnancy related incontinence

If you are experiencing any kind of pregnancy related incontinence your exercise program is designed to focus on restrengthening and healing your weakened pelvic floor muscles. Most pregnancy related incontinence can be reversed with the right exercise program.

Vegetarian, Gluten free, Lactose free, Vegan

Our Peak Pregnancy recipe collection has a wide variety of portion controlled breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options to suit your dietary requirements. We have personally tried and tested all of the recipes and meal ideas and trust that you enjoy them as much as we do.  We have an extensive range of vegetarian recipes and meal ideas but we don’t yet have a complete vegan, gluten free and lactose free program but we are working towards this.  In the mean time there are plenty of vegan, gluten free and lactose free recipes to choose from in our extensive range of Peak Pregnancy recipes and meal ideas. For the majority of the recipes you can simply exchange ingredients to suit your preferences, budget or dietary requirements.