What’s included with your program?


1. Unlimited personal support from our highly qualified team of professionals

me and becLet me introduce to you our highly qualified team here at Peak Pregnancy. We offer specialised personal training programs based on quality obstetric and fertility research findings to safely and effectively design you a customised program that will target your specific goals. You receive unlimited personal email support and coaching from us to answer any of your questions and queries. You can feel confident that the information and advice you receive during your program is provided to you by our experienced Registered Midwife and Clinical Nurse who has specialised in midwifery for 6 years, nursing for 7 years, has over 4 years experience in fertility clinics and has been involved in the fitness industry for 11 years. We work together to create a customised exercise plan and nutritional guide just for you. Our passion lies with supporting and motivating women like yourself to stay healthy and active before, during and after  pregnancy.

2. Personal customised exercise programs

post preg mum and todler on mat with db copyWe work with you on a personal level to get to know you, your body's needs and demands. We ask you to complete a questionnaire that provides us with the specific information that we need so we can create you a personally customised 12 week exercise program specific to your needs and your short and long term goals. You wouldn't sit down with a room full of other women for your doctors or specialist appointments and receive generalised care and advice, you sit down with your health care provider and receive personal advice and information specific to your situation and your condition which is the same approach that we take with your exercise program. There is no such thing as a “standard”, one size fits all medical care and the same rule applies when it comes to exercising before, during and after pregnancy. For more information on how we customise YOUR exercise program to suit YOUR personal needs click here

3. Easy to follow personalised nutritional guide

As part of your program you receive a suitable nutritional guide that works concurrently with your exercise program. You do not have to follow the nutritional guide but we will design one for you anyway incase you would like to refer to it from time to time. If you prefer to cook and prepare your own meals then we have created a list of recommended healthy and nutritious food choices to help you stay on track. You receive access to an extensive choice of recipes and meal ideas. Each meal conveniently displays a break down of the calorie content of each meal serving as well as how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and fat are in each serve.  This way you can easily watch your daily calorie consumption PLUS swap and change meals and food items as you please. We're all about simplicity and flexibility here at Peak Pregnancy because we know that your time is valuable so we have specifically designed our recipes to be quick, simple and easy to follow. Throughout the pregnancy program you receive unlimited personal support and advice to help control your healthy pregnancy weight gain and prevent any unnecessary pregnancy blow out! Your recipes and meal ideas are jam packed full of vitamins and minerals essential for the optimal health and wellbeing of you, your pregnancy and your growing baby. Throughout the PCOS and fertility pre pregnancy program or post pregnancy program you will receive unlimited personal support and ongoing motivation to kick start your weight loss and shed those extra kilos. For more information on how we personalise YOUR nutritional guide to suit YOUR personal needs click here
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4. Customised personal video exercise demonstration library

Feel rest assured that you are performing all your exercises correctly with your personally tailored exercise video demonstration library that we conveniently create just for you. You can watch and re-watch demonstrations of all the exercises included within your workouts.

5. Safe, reliable advice and information you can trust

You can feel rest assured that the information and advice you receive is based on up to date quality research findings and guidelines that have been created by world wide recognised professional organisations and are practiced around the world. Peak Pregnancy is led by midwives and nurses with fitness and personal training qualifications so you can feel rest assured that your program has been personally customised and safely designed by our highly qualified team of professionals. We combine our specialised knowledge of fitness, fertility and obstetrics to assess how exercise and nutrition can best benefit women with PCOS and fertility concerns as well as women who are pregnant or have given birth.  We maintain a high standard of personalised care that is focused around the safety of you and/or your baby and pregnancy. We specialise in PCOS programs, pregnancy programs and post pregnancy fitness.

6. The choice to train where you want when you want

That's the beauty of an online personal training program! If you have a gym membership we will design your program for the gym. If you have a home gym we will design your program to suit your home gym equipment and if you want to workout at home or outside but have absolutely no equipment, no worries, we'll design you a program that requires just you and the comfort of your surroundings. You tell us how you would like your program designed and we adapt the exercises to suit your lifestyle.

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7. We also cater for vegetarians.  Vegan, gluten free and lactose free programs coming soon

You tell us your dietary requirements and we design a personalised nutritional guide to suit your needs. We don't yet have a complete vegan, gluten free and lactose free program but there are plenty of vegan, gluten free and lactose free recipes to choose from in our extensive range of Peak Pregnancy recipe collection and meal ideas. For the majority of the recipes you can simply exchange ingredients to suit your preferences, budget or dietary requirements.

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8. Maintenance guide

You will receive a maintenance guide on completion of your program that will provide you with advice and information on what to do once your program has ended. You will also receive a copy of the most popular recipes and helpful tips and hints that you can continue to use and relate back to. By signing up to our newsletter you will continue to receive ongoing weekly contact with us and we will continue to keep you entertained with food, exercise and quirky information on topics relating to before, during or after pregnancy exercise.

9. Access to our exclusive members only section

Get ready to explore and navigate through our Peak Pregnancy members only section. You receive a username and password that grants you access to our members only section. Have fun browsing through endless recipes and meals ideas, quick clip videos, fact sheets, handy bits of information, hints and tips to help you get the most out of your 12 week program and  much more

10. Unlimited specialist midwifery support

egg and stethoscope copy 2Our midwife and fertility nurse is here to support you through your program and answer any of your sensitive questions. Midwifery input into our pre pregnancy program ensures that we don't just focus on fast and effective weight loss but also focuses on improving PCOS and restoring your fertility and boosting early pregnancy health and well being.  Midwifery input into the pregnancy program ensures that your program focuses on the health and safety of you and your baby and the well being of your pregnancy. Midwifery input into our post pregnancy program ensures that we don't just focus on fast and effective weight loss we also focus on developing you a safe and effective weight loss program specific to your mode of delivery and other delivery details and maintaining and improving the quality and quantity of your milk supply. For more information on how our program help benefit you and/or your baby click here.

11. Help yourself whilst helping others- We donate a portion of our profits to research

premature baby copy 2We donate a portion of our profits to the Women and Infants Research Foundation (WIRF) to assist in the ongoing studies and research to help discover what triggers women to go into early labour and what can be done to try and prevent babies being born into the world too soon. There is still an element of mystery surrounding this and until we discover these answers, then babies will continue to be born well before their due date. Small babies often require intensive medical care and invasive treatments to hopefully give them the best possible start to life. Donating a portion of our profits will help bring us one step closer to finding a solution to this grey area.